What are the ideal sailing places in Croatia?

Croatia is a beautiful and enchanting country. It has a large natural heritage and cultural sites which deserve your appreciation and visit. Holiday in Croatia offers you a crystal clear sea and a large number of islands with beautiful places you can explore. This holiday in Croatia will make you want to go back to all the places you will have visited. Luxury sailing in Croatia offers you an unforgettable vacation by exploring the coast and experiencing the freedom at sea. If you have decided on luxury sailing in Croatia, then you should know what are the most beautiful places you can visit and explore. A holiday in Croatia offers you many interesting destinations suitable for sailing even in bad weather.  

Rab Island

This island is a popular place for many yachtsmen who want to enjoy a sailing season. The island of Rab offers the most beautiful beaches, ideal not only for sailing but also for swimming. It is a good place for a peaceful cruise during which you can enjoy nature and beautiful places. A holiday in Croatia will not limit you in any way, because you can easily reach other nearby islands. 

Brač Island

The island of Brač offers many bays you can discover during the cruise. If you prefer a calmer cruise, you can decide to explore the beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia is located near this island. Luxury sailing in Croatia allows tourists to experience a cruise to islands or nearby beaches. Many beaches are only a few minutes away from the island. Of course, you can see much more here, it depends on the touristic and cultural possibilities of the island.

City of Pula

The historic city of Pula will attract you mainly thanks to its beautiful surroundings which deserve the admiration of tourists. This city allows you to discover a large number of bays and other smaller islands. Beaches and seas near the city have been awarded for the exceptional cleanliness of the water and its surroundings. 

Many islands in one week

When you are kind of adventurous and bored from staying on one island, you can try sailing. Spending a holiday on a boat is an unforgettable experience which everyone has to survive at least once in life. Choose a certified and guaranteed company, rent a boat and enjoy many islands and many tastes of wonderful Croatia. For example, try www.luxurysailing.eu, they offer everything that people need for luxury and we found out that prices are from 190 EUR/per person/per week.

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